Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An Average Morning

 It's another beautiful morning that God has made
and as I walk toward the fog-covered barn
I am met by the anxiously waiting cats
because they know it is my hand that gives them food
They walk alongside me as I head to the barn
Nicki meets me there and we do our job
We feed the donkey, llama, goats, and bunnies
Then we climb in the trusty old barn truck
and loudly move on to our next task
As we come over the hill I look in the distance
There are 39 majestic animals waiting for us
 They watch expectantly as we pull up and get out
I go to the hay barn and slowly open the huge door
As I step in I see bales stacked so high
and I am engulfed with the sweet smell of hay
Nicki and I load up the tractor with 8 bales
and she starts it up and we head out
As I open the gates many eager faces look our way
I hop on the tractor and start dropping flakes
and watch as the horses eat it all up
We finish and put the tractor back in the barn
then it's back to the trusty old truck
I look out and see many satisfied creatures munching away

 And I think how lucky I am to do this every day
And I thank God for giving me the desire of my heart

Monday, September 17, 2012

Leading Worship

It is the first of many times that I will lead in worship
I feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness
and I am ready to see what God is going to do
I hear the electric guitar begin with the perfect notes
and I hear all the instruments join in at the perfect time
Then I look and see many cheerful faces
and I know they are ready to sing and dance
We play and sing with all our hearts 
until the music comes to an end
I now feel content and overjoyed
because my team has done it's most important job
We have led people to worship the one true God